A Happy Dad’s Point of View

The Purpose of this Blog

I originally started this blog as A Single Dad’s Point of View (now A Happy Dads Point of View) because a psychic told me to do it. Haha, made you think a minute didn’t I? No really… a psychic inside myself 🙂  All kidding aside, in late 2012  I was in a pretty big quagmire with regards to my consulting business, school, and baby’s momma. Over the next 12 months all this continued to weigh heavily on me, not to mention my ex’s (son’s mom) and I cannot seem to come to any agreements as to visitation and support help. Needless to say and not feeling sorry for myself, I decided it was time to break up my consulting company and turn my online presence into something that means the world to me… MY SON, happiness, opinions, and your support! So, I learned that I could not rely on the whims and the emotions of others nor can I rely on child support. Therefore, I created an additional income stream to make up for these voids, which is why you are now reading this.


What you will gain from this blog and from A Happy Dad’s Point of View?

A Happy Dad’s Point of View specifically writes about life as a happy dad, education, business/service reviews and dating as these are the basis for how he has thrived by himself as a single parent. On a secondary basis you will hear from many guest post bloggers, business executives, and others on parenting, product/service reviews, as well as having the chance to win something new happening Tampa or across the world.

A Happy Dad’s Point of View is also launching a full service blogging partnership program, which will help bloggers and social media addicts access to their full potential as a brand and subject matter. These things will include tips on blogging, social media, writing, ebooks and publishing, and creating informational products. He will also be teaching classes about blogging and social media and he is available for paid speaking engagements and teaching. If you are interested in joining this program or hiring David for any of these services, please do not hesitate in contacting him.

You can contact me via email (Email me!) or via the AboutME contact page below!


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