Is Social Media & Curation the New Searches? Yes, Here is WHY!


Via Scoop.itPutting Academics to Work through Social Media in order to Solve Real World Business Problems

This piece was written by Matthew Ingram on Gigaom   “With new changes that offer personalized search results — most of which are being taken from its own Google+ social network — Google has just made social connections and links the new search-engine optimization strategy”   This is a good analysis presented to readers by Mathew Ingram where he describes how Google recently changed their search results to include their new social networking site Google+. The impacts this change may have on the media industry and in particular “social media,” is great, as Google loves to throw their weight around now that they are trying their luck at the social side of things.   For all of you out there who are not at all familiar with the new changes, Mr Ingram does a great job at explaining them and here is another article that describes even further how Google has and/or is changing Google+ into an essential social network for any search marketer.   To expand upon Mathew’s point… the time where Media Specialists could use tools such as Twitter like RSS feeds is over and now people and companies must engage their audiences through +1’s, comments, likes, or curation.   Let’s face it, social media companies along Google will continue to innovative, so we all have a better chance of finding others or being found. It is not the innovation’s themselves that matter, rather how we work together as a whole to achieve more. Selected by Seven Times Seven covering “Consulting Advice for Small Business Owners”   Curated by David Dandaneau Read full article here: []

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